What you will learn!

This book offers not only a fresh look at the Vincent “classic” history (1928-1955), well documented in many books, but also the more enigmatic, modern period (1955-today), and in particular the story of the Egli-Vincent and its numerous replicas and copy-cats.

  • Understand how the Vincent 998cc v-twin became a “living legend.”
  • Learn why and how the brand declined into bankruptcy, despite engineering excellence.
  • Read all about why and how Vincent inspired – and continues to inspire – generations of mechanics and engineers.
  • A full explanation is given as to why Vincent gave birth to so many specials over a 70-year period.
  • See how Fritz Egli transformed the Vincent, and its effect on the Japanese motorcycle industry.
  • The imbroglio of the Egli-Vincent production model, and replicas, over a 45-year period is unraveled. The most copied bike ever!
  • Why the Vincent design is still capable and competitive today, on road and track, is revealed.
  • Discover the Vincent racers that successfully stood-up to the modern motorcycle until the late 1970s.
  • A comprehensive view of Vincent derivatives up to the present day, including the café racer, chopper, bobber and pro-street styles, is presented..
  • And consider the future of Vincent.
(Photo © G&P, courtesy Vincent Prat)

(Photo © G&P, courtesy Vincent Prat)

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