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The book includes 875 color and black & white photographs, many of them contemporary. 400 pages, hard cover and dust cover measuring 10in x 10in (25cm x 25cm)

Prefaced by Fritz W. Egli, this book is the most comprehensive work ever published about the modern history of the Vincent motorcycle, covering a broad period from 1946 until today.

  • Chapter 1 | Fame, Glory and Pride: The classic history of the Vincent (1928-1955) including a comprehensive review of the Black Lightning and Grey Flash.
  • Chapter 2 | The very first Vincent specials: Nero, NorVin, Parkin, Viscount, Curtis.
  • Chapter 3 | The original Egli-Vincent: Made in Switzerland.
  • Chapter 4 | The British Connection: Genuine branded Eglis assembled in the UK by Slater and subsequent replicas built by Slater, Cheney, Sprint, CTG, Spondon, Mossey and many others.
  • Chapter 5 | The French Connection: Godet Motorcycles – PGC.
  • Chapter 6 | Inspired by the Egli-Vincent: The Capon-Vincent, Terry Prince – Vincent, RTV, McIntosh Egli-Vincent, Phoenix-Vincent and one offs. A close look at two enthusiasts who constructed their own Egli style frame, and complete bikes.
  • Chapter7 | A world of Vincent specials: The Cees-Fick, Vincati, TrackMaster, Seeley, Nero, Irving Vincent, plus an innovative, period classification of all the significant specials.
  • Chapter 8 | Other Vincent Adventures and the Future: Drag race and sprint, the Bonneville land speed records, Phil Irving’s 4-valve head implemented, chopper, bobber and pro-streets style, the Vindian and the Indian-Vincent, the Vincent-Motors, and finally the future of the Vincent brand.

The following have collaborated on this book:

Anne Callagher (Lance Capon’s widow), Brian Chapman (builder, owner and former rider of Mighty Mouse and Super Mouse), Brian Curtis (welder contracted by Eric Cheney), Denis Curtis (builder of the Curtis-Vincent), Jos Den Ouden (builder of the Spondon-Vincent and a Vincent rider), Marty Dickerson (former Vincent rider, Bonneville land speed record breaker), David Dunfey (Grey Flash and Egli-Vincent rider and expert), Fritz W. Egli, Fritz Egli Jr. Ray Elger (former Egli-Vincent sprinter and rider), Alexander and Felicitas Frei (current owners of Egli Motorrad at Bettwil), Patrick Godet (Vincent rider and owner of Godet Motorcycles), Ken Horner (Vincent rider and builder of the Irving-Vincent), Tim Kirker (Vincent rider), Cyril Malem (former builder of the CTG-Vincent), Ken McIntosh (builder of the McIntosh Egli-Vincent and Vincent rider), Glyn Johnson (Grey Flash owner, Vincent rider and expert), Max Lambky (Bonneville team manager and Vincent rider), Peter Mertens (Cees Fick-Vincent rider and expert), David Minton (former motorcycle journalist), John Mossey (builder of the JMR Egli-Vincent), Michael Niemann (former Egli importer in Germany and Egli expert), Tim Parker (former publisher, editor of this book, Laverda expert and rider) , Kenneth Parkin (Ken Parkin’s son and Vincent rider), Eric Patterson (Bonneville land speed record breaker and Viscount rider), Ken Phelps (NorVin expert and Vincent rider), Phil Pilgrim (Vindian, Indian-Vincent and Vincati expert and rider), Geoff Preece (Vincent historian and photographer, Vincent rider), Terry Prince (builder of the TPV and RTV and Vincent rider, Bonneville land speed record owner), Margrit R (Fritz Egli’s former wife and former Vincent rider), Colin Seeley (former rider and builder of Seeley frames), Richard Slater and Roger Slater (former UK manufacturers of the Egli-Vincent and the Shadow 70), Trevor Smith (former manufacturer of the Sprint-Vincent and Vincent rider), John Surtees (four times motorcycle world champion and Vincent rider), Colin Taylor (builder of Egli-Vincent replicas and rider), Franc Trento (Black Lightning expert), Serge Vollard (55,000 miles clocked on his Egli-Vincent) and Mars Webster (Egli-Vincent rider).

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