Chapter 8

Other Vincent Adventures and the Future

There is so much more to say about the defenders of the faith, who have dedicated their lives “… to go fast on a Vincent.” We started this journey in the 1940s, with the very underpinnings of the legacy of the brand – Fame, Glory and Pride. Seventy years later, the Vincent could have been just a piece of 20th Century motorcycling history, but, fortunately, it is much more. In fact, the passion to ride Vincent motorcycles can only be equaled by the burning desire to go even faster – faster even than the 1000 Black Lightning, or the less known 500 Grey Flash. Although all attempts to resurrect the Vincent brand have failed, in many ways it is like the Phoenix, the immortal bird that rises from its ashes, and after which one of those attempts was named – Vincents have had many lives, and the band of enthusiasts, who have had the privilege to ride this fabulous motorcycle, will pass it on from this generation to the next: for them, it has become a symbol of their eternal passion.

This chapter features the following main sections and 117 photos:

  • Sprint and drag racing: Nero, Super Nero featuring George Brown, Mighty Mouse, Super Mouse featuring Brian Chapman, Pegasus and Barn Job.
  • The Egli-Vincent in a sprinter outfit and raced by Ray Elger.
  • Returning to Bonneville on a Vincent (until today).
  • The Courage-Vincent.
  • The American way (chopper, bobber and pro-street styles).
  • The Vindian and Indian-Vincent.
  • Phil Irving’s 4-valve head design finally implemented.
  • 1995-2008: The latest attempt to revive the Vincent-HRD brand.
  • Will the Vincent come back one day?
The Vindian, one of the numerous side stories about the Vincent with choppers, bobbers and other pro-street. (Photo © Frank Kletschkus)

The Vindian, one of the numerous side stories about the Vincent with choppers, bobbers and other pro-streets. (Photo © Frank Kletschkus)

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