Chapter 5

The French Connection

With 40 years of dedication to the Vincent brand, Patrick Godet’s passion amounts to much more than his knowledge of the detailed mechanicals; it is also the memorable moments experienced at rallies around the world, meeting and learning from the people who designed, built or road-tested the Vincent: Phil Irving, Ted Davis, and those who have been preparing and riding these bikes since the first Rapide came off the production line.  It is also exceptional moments, such as winning races on the Black Shadow, or being recognized for the quality of his restoration work and commitment to the brand.  Today, Godet Motorcycles is one of the rare workshops exclusively dedicated to the Vincent, capable of completely rebuilding a machine to the highest standards, and building new Vincent engines to be fitted in the Egli chassis for the most amazing cocktail of authenticity, performance and attention to detail. Fritz Egli was so impressed by the excellence of the bike presented to him, that he appointed Godet Motorcycles as the sole authorized manufacturer of the Egli-Vincent motorcycle; certainly the greatest accolade that Patrick Godet could have received.

This chapter features the following main sections and 88 photos:

  • 40 years of passion for the Vincent Motorcycles.
  • Restoration and Egli-Vincent recreation.
  • No recreation comes closer to the original.
  • The 998 and 1330 Café Racer.
  • The 998 and 1330 Sport GT.
  • Fashion and luxury industry.
  • Riding the 1330 “monster”.
  • 55,000 miles on my Café Racer (by Raspoutine).
  • The 500 Grey Flash program.
The 1330 Cafe Racer. (Photo © Paul Coene)

The 1330 Cafe Racer. (Photo © Paul Coene)

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