Chapter 6

Inspired by the Egli-Vincent

Chapters 3 to 5 offer the essence of the Egli-Vincent story. It was born in Switzerland, grew up in the UK, finally to mature in France. But the icon designed by Fritz Egli also inspired other builders around the world; from Great Britain to New Zealand and Australia. It came sometimes with major design variations, either in geometry or with the introduction of improved suspension components. However, the Egli-Vincent concept still rules these alternate designs: a large diameter core spine containing the oil, a ‘locked’ welded headstock, and triangulated tubes as straight as possible to provide the greatest stiffness and, eventually, deliver faultless handling.

This chapter features the following main sections and 106 photos:

  • The Capon-Vincent.
  • With the Phoenix, Hillgate envisioned the next Vincent.
  • TPV for Terry Prince Vincent.
  • RTV for Ron and Terry’s Vincent.
  • McIntosh Egli-Vincent.
  • A patchwork of “one-offs”.
  • The Vincent BT73 story.
  • Build your own Egli-Vincent.
Terry Prince - Vincent 1300 Roadster. (Photo © Sam Manganaro

Terry Prince – Vincent 1300 Roadster. (Photo © Sam Manganaro)

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