Chapter 4

The British Connection

Moving on from Chapter 3, which is dedicated to the Egli-Vincent made in Switzerland, we are now going to explore the UK production, from 1969, when Roger Slater became Egli’s sole distributor. From the start, rather than delivering finished Swiss bikes, Slater assembled his own machines with Egli frames and a completely different set of aftermarket components. Then, he would build chassis under license, uniquely developing his own design, closely related to the original and to be known as the Vincent Shadow 70. Slater stopped his Vincent activities in 1973, but the story did not end there. Subsequently, but not simultaneously, nine other workshops offered either chassis or complete Egli-Vincent replicas, not to mention the one-off ‘forged’ on the bench and titled through the Individual Vehicle Approval process (IVA). For anyone who tries to ‘decrypt’ the pedigree of an Egli-Vincent coming from the UK, this chapter is a key tool.

This chapter features the following main sections and 120 photos:

  • 1969-1970: Egli-Vincent assembly and license by Slater.
  • 1970-1973: The Shadow 70 opens a new horizon for Slater.
  • 1971-1974: Cheney.
  • 1972-1978: Sprint by Smith Engineering.
  • 1986-2008: CTG-Vincent.
  • 2001-2008: Spondon.
  • The British Connection today including Colin Taylor, John Mossey (JMR and JMC), David Hailwood (HMR), Andy Sidlow, CGA Fabrications and Phil Cotton – Cotton Racing.
One of the numerous Egli style bikes made in the UK. A Shadow 70. (Photo © Markus Jahn)

One of the numerous Egli style bikes made in the UK. Here is a Shadow 70. (Photo © Markus Jahn)

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