Models covered by the book

All Vincent models from the Series A to the Series D (1934-1955):

  • The Meteor, Comet, Comet Special and TT Replica,
  • The Rapide, Black Shadow and White Shadow,
  • The Grey Flash, Black Lightning and White Lightning,
  • The Victor, Black Knight and Black Prince,

Numerous photos supported by an innovative product roadmap and a specification table covering all above models and the production figures between 1928 and 1955.

A comprehensive review of the post-1955 machines built with Vincent engines once the production of motorcycles stopped at Stevenage, including:

  • The Egli-Vincent built by Fritz Egli, then Roger Slater and Patrick Godet,
  • The Egli-Vincent replicas built successively by Roger Slater (a.k.a. the Shadow 70), Eric Cheney, Dennis then Trevor Smith (Sprint), Cyril Malem (CTG), Ken McIntosh (McIntosh Egli-Vincent), John Mossey (JMR Egli-Vincent and JMC Egli-Vincent), David Hailwood (HMR), Spondon and many others,
  • Other specials including the famous NorVin and the more uncommon Capon-Vincent, Cees-Fick, Curtis-Vincent, Irving-Vincent, NorVin, Parkin-Vincent, Phoenix, RTV, Seeley-Vincent, Trackmaster-Vincent, TPV (by Terry Prince), the Vincati and the Viscount,
  • Forgotten machines such the Indian-Vincent, the Vindian and the Courage-Vincent, or the 4-valve heads designed by Phil Irving,
  • Exotic bikes “a la mode” US: chopper, bobber and pro-street styles,
  • And finally some iconic sprint and drag bikes: Nero, Super Nero, Barn Job, Mighty Mouse and Super Mouse.


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