Chapter 7

A world of Vincent specials

The architecture of the Egli-Vincent is simple and effective, and, because it is, it has broadly inspired specials builders since the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s.  Beyond the replicas or recreations presented in Chapters 4, 5 and 6, the ‘Egli design’ has also influenced many builders using other contemporary engines to remind us of Fritz Egli’s work. The launch of the Egli-Vincent also became a critical milestone in the ongoing history of the Vincent, as most of these specials are related to it. However, numerous workshops have tried out ‘something different’ without achieving much success; most of them are either one-offs or made in tiny volume. At the end of this chapter, I identify a pattern and classify all these specials into five different schools.

This chapter features the following main sections and 77 photos:

  • The Cees Fick: Specials from the Netherlands.
  • The French Nero: Could have it been the Series E?
  • The Seeley-Vincent: The missing link.
  • Trackmaster: A Vincent for the speedways.
  • The Vincati: The tidiest Vincent bitsa.
  • The Irving-Vincent: For the track only.
  • Six decades of Vincent specials: The summary.
The French Nero. (Photo © Michel Cottereau)

The French Nero. (Photo © Michel Cottereau)

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