Chapter 2

The very first Vincent specials

The last Vincent motorcycle left the factory one week before Christmas 1955 and was presciently labeled ‘The Last.’ It had to be clear that there would be no more machines of that breed, and enthusiasts were to be left on their own to organize the ‘after party.’  The Vincent HRD Owners Club was going to be the cement for those who continued to ride their Vincents daily, or to meetings, sometimes shipping their bikes overseas for international rallies. For the club racers, however, the ‘unacceptable’ was simply the fact that the performance of the Vincent would be frozen in time, whereas the competition was progressing every single day. If the brand had survived, the role of the customer-modifed Vincents would have been marginal, but as of now, these ‘specials’ would play a critical role in maintaining the image and the honor of the “World’s Fastest Motorcycle,” until the next big thing.

This chapter features the following main sections and 63 photos:

  • Nero: The first stab.
  • The NorVin solution became irresistible.
  • The Viscount: A first attempt to resume Vincent production.
  • The Parkin-Vincent: In the wake of Nero.
  • Curtis-Vincent: The NorVin concept pushed even further.
NorVin 1000 in Slimline featherbed chassis. (Photo © Miloš Myslivec)

NorVin 1000 in Slimline featherbed chassis. (Photo © Miloš Myslivec)

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